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Wall Waterproofing.

Wall Waterproofing in Pakistan – The Causes and Solutions

Problems with wall infiltrations are extremely common and usually cause a lot of discomfort, in addition to financial losses and an unpleasant aesthetic result. In this case, the wall waterproofing near me is only the solution.

Despite being considered a common problem, not everyone knows what needs to be done to end infiltrations once and for all. Roof Power specializes in waterproofing and in this content, it presents a series of tips, useful information and interior wall waterproofing services that will end your headaches and problems with infiltrations, be sure to check it out!

Causes of infiltration and why need wall waterproofing

Before we present a solution to remove wall infiltration, we need to understand what the main causes are that result in this annoying problem. Check out the main causes of infiltration and see if some of the problems listed can be found in your building and condominium.

Wall Waterproofing

Problems in waterproofing roofs are the biggest cause of infiltration in walls. Roofs with waterproofing failure or even submitted to some type of waterproofing treatment allow seepage, causing stains, paint problems, mold and moisture on the ceiling and also on the top of the walls.

In addition to the aesthetic damage, infiltration can expose the steel reinforcement of the slab and other structures to an accelerated process of corrosion. In this case, the waterproofing paint for interior walls can help.

Cracks and fissures in the walls can also favor the appearance of infiltrations by facilitating the entry of rainwater through the small flaws that form. Cracks and fissures can be the result of movements in the structure, quality of the coating materials used in the construction or failures in the execution of the project. It is common to find cracks and fissures that favor infiltration in regions with corners, such as near windows. In turn, the leaks that usually appear near the foundation are generally caused by flaws in the waterproofing of the foundations. Although not recommended, some construction companies give up the use of waterproofing as strategies to reduce construction costs, increasing the profit margin on properties sold. It is also possible that the moisture is related to leakage in the pipe connections.

What are wall waterproofing solutions?

There are several types of waterproofing products on the market, each one, developed for a specific need. These are: waterproofing paint and wall waterproofing membrane. In practice, when applied correctly to the cause of the problem, they can all contribute to removing wall infiltration. In buildings and condominiums, at Roof Power, the exterior waterproofing is carried out by trained professionals who are qualified to work at heights. The service of waterproofing exterior brick walls is an excellent alternative to solve and prevent the appearance of infiltrations, guarantee the perfect aesthetic appearance and the valorization of commercial and residential buildings. Operating for more than 10 years in the market, Roof Power has the credibility and satisfaction of our customers and a wide portfolio of projects executed with high quality standards. We can offer a series of benefits to your condominium at affordable wall waterproofing cost, presenting efficient and definitive solutions to problems with infiltrations.

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