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Water Tank Waterproofing.

    Project Description

    Water Tank Waterproofing in Lahore – Why Invest?

    In houses, buildings, or small and large companies, reservoirs and water tanks waterproofing is a guarantee of peace and economy.Water Tank Waterproofing in Lahore

    This, just at the beginning, because waterproofing these elements brings even more benefits than one can imagine.

    Preventing water from escaping through the structure, causing infiltration and damage to other areas of the construction, such as slabs, floors and walls of the building, is the main objective of waterproofing in water tank.

    Furthermore, the procedure guarantees greater durability of the structure and safety, as it prevents deterioration processes from interfering with the quality of the water in addition to, of course, avoiding waste.

    Waterproofing is indicated when installing the water tanks. But, over time, especially in places with inadequate waterproofing and based on non-definitive products, cracks can appear in the structure of these reservoirs and cause leaks.

    Water tank waterproofing prevents infiltration

    Infiltration is one of the biggest problems in buildings, and it occurs in the most diverse elements of construction, such as foundations, walls, slabs and water tanks.

    Moisture, in addition to causing aesthetic damage and an unpleasant visual result such as paint and plaster dropping, mold and mildew, can also affect the structure, in the process of corrosion of armor, generating a risk and compromising the structural function of the elements.

    In the case of water tanks and reservoirs in general, as it is a water storage place, the risk of infiltration problems is constant.

    And, as in many cases proper waterproofing care is not taken, problems occur frequently. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the headaches of water tank infiltration problems.

    The waterproofing for water tank is made with appropriate materials for this purpose, thus, the waterproofing is guaranteed, promoting comfort and without the need for environmental conditioning, which saves energy.

    The process of water tank waterproofing

    The waterproofing chemicals have great resistance and thermal stability, in addition to high flexibility and durability, that’s why they are used in waterproofing processes. This process is carried out in stages, which must be done properly to provide a good result.

    These waterproofing materials can be applied hot, with the help of a blowtorch. In the hot process, after drying the product that provides adhesion to the water tank.

    Roof Power in water tank waterproofing offers quality services

    Roof Power has a staff of professionals with more than 20 years of experience, which guarantees the necessary security to develop the best specialized work in waterproofing for water tank. In addition, our company performs waterproofing on roof tiles, roof slabs and walls, swimming pools and much more.

    We are located in the region of Lahore, has a large production space, professionals are prepared to carry out the work through readings of the procedures and practical monitoring, until they are fully able to develop the service following quality standards.

    We guarantee quality with easy payment, provides services to national companies, residences, clubs, commercial buildings and hospitals, always trying to keep in touch with its customers to find out about satisfaction with the service.

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    • Date May 29, 2022
    • Tags Water Tank Waterproofing

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