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Roof Heat Proofing.

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    Discover the Best Roof Heat Proofing Services in Lahore

    The concrete or ceramic roof usually causes the heating of the environments, therefore, in the case of these constructions, the roof heat proofing services for concrete slabs is used, a simple and effective solution to alleviate this type of problem.

    Use of materials in roof heat proofing

    One of the most efficient and inexpensive materials used for roof heat proofing in Lahore for concrete slabs is EPS roof heat proofing services(expanded polystyrene). EPS ensures that external temperatures do not reach the interior, it is easy to fix, and with a thin thickness you already obtain the desired insulation. For the climates of Pakistan, for example, a thickness of 30 mm is enough, for this reason, the roof heat proofing in Islamabad for concrete slabs made with EPS is the most economical method considering the cost-benefit ratio. EPS has become indispensable in civil construction for roof heat proofing in Rawalpindi.

    EPS is a rigid cellular plastic, a product resulting from the polymerization of styrene in water, and its production process does not use CFC gas. As an expanding agent, pentane is used, a hydrocarbon that deteriorates quickly, without compromising the environment.

    The choice of waterproofing and heat proofing material depends on the framework and environment conditions to which the surface is subjected: moisture content, incidence of rain and other weather conditions, tendency of the structure to move, etc.

    It is worth noting that the correct choice of products for roof heat proofing in Pakistan and the performance of the service for heat proof roof are factors that determine the success or failure of the waterproofing project over time.

    If you are looking for roof heat proofing services for concrete slabs, you can find with Roof Power, one of the best roof heat proofing companies in Pakistan, quote the services with our professionals and discover the best quality reference on the market.

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    • Date May 29, 2022
    • Tags Roof Heat Proofing

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