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Roof Garden Waterproofing.

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    How Roof Garden Waterproofing in Islamabad is Performed Roof Garden Waterproofing in Islamabad in Pakistan?

    Green roofs are increasingly present in large cities around the world. Also in hanging gardens, the presence of vegetation cover on slabs and roofs is an option that is intended to improve the thermal insulation of the building in large cities and improve air quality. It is necessary, however, to be very careful with the roof garden waterproofing, to prevent water infiltration, especially in places with this type of presence of organic matter.

    The methods normally used for waterproofing common roofs are not the most suitable for green roofs.

    What is roof garden waterproofing?

    The roof gardens or green roofs are also called garden slab and hanging garden.

    These roofs are usually made with grass, and have the function of improving the air quality of large cities, contributing to the reduction of heat islands, in addition to improving the thermal performance of buildings and helping to control floods.

    This type of roof is classified as extensive, semi-intensive and intensive, depending on the size of the vegetation that will be cultivated, and consequently on the load levels to which this structural element is subject.

    This type of roof requires thorough maintenance, and care is taken to ensure that water does not seep into the structure.

    After all, there is the presence of organic matter and there may be a proliferation of agents harmful to the concrete.

    In Pakistan, although there is a movement to encourage green roofs and green areas on the part of some cities, the system still does not have a specific technical standard and can still be considered as a novelty for many people.

    Therefore, it is essential that companies and professionals experienced in this matter are sought out, to avoid major problems in the future due to design, execution and maintenance failures.

    The importance of garden roof waterproofing

    The biggest concern when having a garden slab is, of course, waterproofing.

    Concrete is not a waterproof material by itself, and the presence of moisture and organic matter is extremely harmful and dangerous in a structural element situation where there is no waterproofing.

    However, it is not possible to use any type of waterproofing.

    In the case of vegetation cover, it is necessary to take into account in addition to all the phenomena that any external element is exposed, with the process of puncturing the roots of the plants trying to grow towards the structural element.

    The roof garden waterproofing services in Pakistan must be able to withstand this phenomenon without failure.

    Process of roof garden waterproofing

    For the procedures aimed at green roof, the Roof Power, the best roof garden waterproofing company in Pakistan, use specific products for the protection of walls and floors, among which the application of asphalt blanket is one of the main methods adopted by professionals involved in the civil construction sectors or who offer services in structural reforms.

    Looking for roof garden waterproofing?

    With the benefits of waterproofing gardens, your plants are also benefited from the best use of water, whether in manual irrigation procedures or in the capture of rain. For additional details, contact Roof Power.

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    • Date May 29, 2022
    • Tags Roof Garden Waterproofing

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